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How does EarnAway work?

Compare hotel deals from the web's best booking sites

Search by destination to explore thousands of hotels ranked and reviewed by fellow travellers or search by hotel name if you already know where you want to stay. Our Best Price Guarantee ensures the best room rates available on the web and we'll also show you how many AwayPoints you could earn on top.

Book directly

Once you've found a deal that suits you, sign up or sign in to EarnAway, and click through using our link to complete your booking at one of our travel agent partners, for example, Expedia or Hotels.com.

Earn AwayPoints with every booking

Every time you use EarnAway to make a booking, we are paid a commission for generating a sale for our booking partners. We pass this commission back to you as AwayPoints, a loyalty currency for using our site. Earn an average 2,000 AwayPoints (worth £20) on every booking.

Exchange AwayPoints for amazing rewards

Once you’ve completed your trip, your AwayPoints will confirm and you can exchange them for cash into your bank or PayPal account, Amazon.co.uk Gift Cards or a range of other shopping gift cards and air miles (coming soon).

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